From concepts and storyboards through final delivery the goal remains consistent - tell your story in an intuitive, engaging way.


2017 Video Reel



I specialize in visual storytelling. I work with technology mixed with a bit of artistry with a goal of translating this complex range of concepts, thoughts, and ideas in an ocular way. Working across multiple disciplines has helped me develop a strong eye for composition. This allows me to draw from various techniques which provide a unique contribution to the overall vision of any project. 

I offer end to end video production services for an array of use cases. I work on projects of various scales, from the "one man band" up to larger scale productions. I also work as part of a team or crew, and can bring in production assistance and technical resources as needed. 



Directorial Vision

  • Creative concepting
  • Storyboarding

Creative Execution

  • Cinematography
  • Lighting and Camera

Bringing it to Life

  • Timeline Editing
  • Color grading

Music Video Reel 


Ready to work?

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Julian is a creative and strategic thinker, and a great problem solver. He has a knack for cutting through the noise to arrive at the real issue, then knows how to successfully resolve the issue. He manages himself with little supervision and delivers results on every project, every time. He is dependable, honest, hard-working and a great team player. He is able to think outside of his specific scope, which makes him an invaluable sounding board across levels and functions.
— Kim S. Dallas, TX