Lovesick is a collection of paintings designed to chronicle the emotions associated with a post-relationship existence. The premise is essentially a story of the process one goes through when attempting to recover from a loving relationship. The ensuing internal conflict was reinforced by feelings of confusion, guilt, anger, and eventually acceptance.

During the creative process, I experienced a great deal of enlightenment, which exposed me to the depth beyond just the paintings themselves.  There are many layers of emotion to explore with this project which may not be apparent upon initial review. I have attempted to document not only the recovery process involved but the various parallel relationships between the multiple emotions and the physical result.

My goal with this is to analyze and process the multitude of emotion, digest it, and eventually accept my new reality.  I need to channel all the negative energy that has consumed me. I want to embrace the pain and every thought/feeling, no matter how negative, demonic, or ridiculous; and I want it to hurt. I want these feelings gone eventually and I want to be at peace with everything that has happened. I want the burden of the emotion taken from inside me, placed onto the canvas, and then frozen in time.

Directed/shot by Jonathan Edwards | Starring Julian Race, Marcelli Felice |  Narrated by Kyndal Robertson | Written by Julian Race


Highlights from the premiere and art show, hosted in conjunction with Naturally Set Apart Events. 

Short FilmJulian Race