Don't fall in love. it's not worth it.

But falling for someone is such a beautiful experience. 


It’s a low success rate, I mean you may find 1 or 2, 3 if you’re lucky in your lifetime.

I guess there just aren’t many that can make you feel that way.


You might be tired, “over it”, or suffering through it, but you aren’t a hopeless case.

Or are you?

What about the others? What were they? Tidbits, munchies, finger food?



Food metaphors are stupid and I’m not hungry so what’s this about?

OK, how about they were just tiny stars and the universe is just waiting to surprise you with say, a moon?

Like Europa! Yea, let’s call him Europa. Cause he’s cold and distant, but he’s got the smoothest surface in the solar system.


Love doesn’t just happen like that does it? 

No, it takes some work, some doing and a bit of luck at times. But it’s out there to be had by anyone who wants it. 


Well, anyone except you.


You do want to fall in love. Your problem is facing the uncertainty of not being loved back.

Unconditional love is a one way street, and professing such a thing out loud does not come with the promise that it will be reciprocated. 



Does that scare you? Being that vulnerable?

The insecurity, the anxiety, ruins everything every time. 

This defines suffering.



If your love is based on reciprocation, you’re the selfish one.

No I’m not! Don’t you see? You’re the problem. You, alone. 


Unfortunately for you, love is inevitable.

So don’t flirt, don’t blink, tone down your body language, and keep a distance from persons with whom you may fall in love. Got it, check.


Love is attachment plus attraction.

Ew. Attachment. Gross.
But I don’t truly dislike the idea of falling in love.



Why can’t I just rise in love, rather than fall in love?

Because what goes up, eventually comes down. 
Love is a commodity and may satisfy your needs at the time, but at some point may cost more than it is worth.


So morbid! Why must you be so complicated?

Love is easy. People make it complicated.

Love is the most natural thing we can do as humans.

It’s really not that hard.

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