Delilah, The Amorous Temptress


Written & Photographed by Julian Race
Wardrobe Stylist: Danielle Brown
Model: Whitney Darrett
Hair & Make Up: Paige Morrell
Production: Artisan by Trade

≈   ∆   ∆   ∆   ∆    ≈

Delilah is the type doesn’t have to take from you, you’ll just give.
She’s also a bit of a wrecking ball. A “high heels on wet pavement” type of girl.

Our meeting was serendipitous as the universe conspired with fate to ensure I would get the full brunt of the lesson.
There would be no escape.
When I met her, her powers were in the embryonic stage, but her ability to entrance and hypnotize her victim was uncanny, even then.


Delilah is elegant and aloof

Manipulative? Maybe, but you would never see it coming. 
That’s the beauty of it all - She can extract your soul while you’re in your most euphoric state. 
So smooth that even though you know you’re in ruin, you would simply say “thank you”.

Pay what you owe

Perhaps this was an old karmic debt from a previous life.
Did I somehow bring this on myself? 
Did I bargain with the higher power back then to delay consequence to now?

I hate being blindsided and naturally I was skeptical. 
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Who sent you?
Most importantly, what do you want with me?

I never got an answer to those questions. 
They weren't for her to answer.
She was just sent here as a mirror.
You could've just told me. I may have listened. But even if I didn't, you didn't have to put me through all this.


Delilah shows up as if she was ordered. 

As if she's got a list of names, and I was just the next in line. 
She promised she would stay.
Told me how lucky she was that she found me.
Said she found the diamond, the needle, et cetera. 
Before her, I was the futon; ignored and used in only the most dire of circumstances. 

As time went on she began to reveal her true purpose. It wasn't intended to be malicious, it just happened that way. 
But the trail of destruction she left in her wake before she got to me was evidence I chose to ignore. 
I'm not falling for that. Nope. What got them won't get me... 
That’s only half true, because in the end, it didn’t matter. 
I was on a collision course for this and if it wasn’t her specifically, it would have been someone else.
Literally no escape. 

Adaptability is what makes this particular femme fatale dangerous. She absorbs and adjusts on the fly. You don't typically see that kind of agility in humans. Most of us tend to get stuck in our ways and just project. She wasn't doing this intentionally, it's just who she is. That’s what helps mask my intuition. Rather, encourage me to selectively decide what intuitive signals to listen to.


She's supposed to be your perfect match, but she's really just a teacher. Sure, you get the lesson, but you incur debt in the process. 

A fucking student loan? Really?

Now pay what you owe.

Ω   Ω   Ω