I know you don't love me


I love that I hate you


You don't love me, you love the idea of me

You're right. I'm just a slave to the memory that I have of you. But that changes nothing.


And you said you would take care of me...

By all accounts, I did my part. You're the one that quit.


You only miss me when you feel alone

Maybe I don't miss you. I just miss the person I was when I was with you.


I'm just a fantasy to you

But you are real to me. And I have to learn to separate what feels good from what is good.


You just want what you want when you want it

But I want what I want too


My name is Julian Race and I am a visual artist, primarily focusing on making photographs and short films. My centers around portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photography for commercial, advertising and editorial clients. I am located in Dallas, Texas. If you would like to learn more about me as an artist, click here. If you are interested in collaborating on an upcoming project, please click here.

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