The bridge


Burberry and a trench coat. 
The bridge that looks over Oak Cliff represents the transition from old to new. Well, it used to. Current day both sides of the bridge have been developed and updated. We did this shoot before the development of that area began, and how far we've come. Several years ago, we said goodbye to reunion arena and "hello" to the Omni hotel. I lived in this area several years prior to the switch and they Jefferson viaduct was always a peaceful, scenic spot to drive down. It was my sole connection to downtown at the time.

urban swimsuit photography julian race
urban swimsuit photography julian race

About Sam Lao:

Sam Lao is a rapper/singer in Dallas, Tx. Although an artist from birth - mainly drawing, painting and graphic design, she only recently began creating music. Despite being a rookie in the game, Sam Lao has already begun to cause a stir in the city of Dallas. Her debut EP, West Pantego, received rave reviews from both Dallas and national media only to be outdone by her most recent project SPCTRM

My name is Julian Race and I am a visual artist, primarily focusing on making photographs and short films. My work centers around portrait and lifestyle photography. If you would like to learn more about me as an artist, click here. If you are interested in collaborating on an upcoming project, contact me here.