#TBT: The 2011 Dallas Mavericks Championship Parade


In 2018, Dallas sports are back in the dark ages. However, we'll never forget the 2011 NBA Champs... Our one and only basketball title so far.


But first... A personal memory

I was at this game. I think it was my only time getting to see Jordan play in person (Oh, and for my sneaker heads out there, this was the year of the Jordan XIII). I was huge NBA fan growing up, and though my Mavs fandom began prior to this game, this was definitely one of my most potent memories at Reunion Arena.

Fast Forward to 2011. The road through the playoffs was not an easy one. I can remember watching each game waiting for the bottom to fall out, because that's just what happens to Dallas teams. We had to go through some tough competition on the way to the title. First it was the Trailblazers, followed by a sweep of Kobe's Lakers, and then a stacked OKC Thunder team. The finals it was James, Wade and Bosh in their first of a 3 year run. I guess it was just our year, because although there was some very tough competition in the playoffs, it didn't matter much in the end. We won, and that's that.

This has been the only championship parade I've been able to attend here in Dallas, and the way things are going now, there's no telling when we'll get another one.

BONUS: I miss Reunion Arena, as I had some great memories there. They tore it down in 2009. I snuck out there to take some photos before the final bomb went off.