The bridge


Sam With the Hair as she is affectionately referred to. Although we have not done a whole lot of work together, she is easily one of my favorite subjects.  Of course she's gorgeous, but she also has such an amazing presence and attitude in front of the camera. 

During my early days of DSLR filmmaking I would shoot clips on photo shoots to use to practice shooting video and editing. Some of these early shoots really shaped who I am currently. Still very young in the video making arena, but thee first videos were so critical to my development. And the response was wonderful.

Samantha. One the bridge, a Fashion video.



My name is Julian Race and I am a visual artist, primarily focusing on making photographs and short films. My centers around portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photography for commercial, advertising and editorial clients. I am most intrigued by narrative-based story telling and I tend to project that through my images.

Home base is Dallas, Texas. If you would like to learn more about me as an artist, click here. If you are interested in collaborating on an upcoming project, contact me here.