Keith Jacobs - "Good Love"


"Good Love" is a classic ballad that showcases a bit of the vocal range of Houston recording artist, Keith Jacobs.


Artist: Keith Jacobs
Song: Good Love
Dir: Julian Race

"The Transition" Mixtape cover, shot and designed by Julian Race

About Keith Jacobs
Keith Jacobs’ music has a style and vibe that pierces through our feelings with subtle sonic influences from Houston’s iconic music culture. He sings with sensuality, appreciating every aspect of a woman. He’s loyal to his artistry, and the music holds the key to his soul. He’s intriguing; forcing you to want to know more about the man and the artist.No stranger to love, Keith Jacobs often finds himself as the muse in which his lyrics flow, embodying the good and bad experiences of his life. He’s transparently honest and true to his music. 

Music VideoJulian Race