Case Study: Keith Jacobs


Keith Jacobs is an up and coming recording artist (R&B vocalist), whose career is on the upswing. I have been working with Keith on his visual presentation, and we were seeking to develop his brand, visibility, and awareness by creating new visual content to pair with his music. From there it was about using modern digital marketing techniques and social media to help him grow his audience.

We're looking to connect Keith with genuine fans of the genre, provide entertaining content, and foster a long-lasting connection with his music over time. In addition, we are looking for ways to maintain relationships with existing followers, friends, and fans by consistently engaging them through social media.



When we met to discuss this visual, I had not heard this song but I had a vision for a ballad. Our videos, "3 Days" and "Stay With Me", were solid offerings and I wanted to make sure I followed those up with something that was just as strong.

This wasn't supposed to be on the album. I think Keith had it stuffed under the bed somewhere or locked away in some distant part of his hard drive left to be forgotten. But when I asked for a ballad type record, he sent me this song along with another one and I knew it was the sound I was looking for.

While discussing the concept for a different video, I thought this one would be good to add on to the end of it as a teaser for the new mixtape. 

Then we shot it, and in one of those great moments in video making, we found something. It all came together on its own and managed to completely outshine the other parts we were working on. This video and the photos that went along with it ended up being the lead off to his "The Transition" mixtape.


Along with the above video, we shot new photography for this project and did a custom design of the cover and liner notes for the album.


This was a video that spoiled me because it was one of those times that everything came together. The shoot was planned out well, executed perfectly, and the first edit, which I finished in virtually no time, ended up being the final cut. As artists, we are our worst critics. We kept trying to find something wrong with it prior to release but turns out it was just fine as is.


With an aggressive social media strategy and engaging Keith's current audience, we were able to get significant YouTube traffic for the video. This project saw over 30,000 views in its first 2 weeks.


In context, "3 Days" represents our first full collaboration together in terms of creating new content. The success of this project was confirmation that our strategy was sound and our ideas were well executed.


Stay With Me

This was the follow-up video to the lead single "3 Days", promoting the album project of the same name. These are the promotional images we created to promote the release of the project. Conceptually, we departed from the origins of "3 Days" and went with a narrative concept that truly illustrates the story of the song.



We were actually just goofing off with this for the most part, but we had a lot of fun shooting this video, so we had to document it along the way.




These projects represent a large body of visual content creation. Our work here was completed over the course of a few years and included music video, design, and photography. Keith and I began working together but ended up building a friendship that I know will last for life.