Sam Lao


Sam Lao. Sam with the Hair.

Crazy talented and ridiculously beautiful. She's an amazing visual artist and designer and now she's moved into audio. She can model too. I mean with ease. Here's an edit from our impromptu shoot:


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Since releasing her latest project she's been on quite a tear lately doing shows and racking up credentials faster than anyone I've seen in recent years. Dallas Hip Hop has been on life support for a while, so this is a real breath of fresh air to get a project like this out of our city. 

Sam Lao is a rapper/singer in Dallas, Tx. Although an artist from birth - mainly drawing, painting and sculpting, she only recently began creating music. "I turned to music when my other creative outlets ceased to be satisfying anymore. I always sang just for fun but rapping was something new for me and I really took to it."

- Sam Lao //