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Abstract On Skin

The movement of the body interacts cohesively with color, light and shadow.

Captured by a photograph, each intersecting part produces it’s own complete work.

Photographed by Julian Race // Paint: J. Taylor // Models: Marcelli Felice, Adaire Byerly, Lauren Farruya


This series encompasses the strength and beauty of the woman's body as well as the reality and ideas that art reveal.



The contrast between the hard textured paint strokes and the smooth curves of the body are parallel to how one's exterior doesn't sum up what they are made of on the inside. 


We allowed the energy of the subject to influence the direction of the painting so the art would be honest.


Once their entire bodies were covered in abstract art, there was a change in the confidence and comfort of each model. 

They began to own their new look as if all insecurities never existed.  


They wore the art like body armor.