Abstract works are open for interpretation.

Due to the “color outside of the lines” concept with abstract, I found that there’s a narrative element to the work I was doing. On the surface, it’s a subject matter that can seem to have its limitations but there is such a huge spectrum of emotion and energy to explore. The creative process is just as nebulous, even if the end results is figurative.

This exercise was a crucial part of my development as a photographer. It helped me learn how to channel my thinking, gave me some general perspective on creating visuals, and most importantly it helped me learn how to "see". It was the genesis of a visual language, or what some may call style.

Julian is a talented, creative mind with a passion for the arts. He is renowned for his ability to illuminate art from the simplest muse. His artistic talents are not confined to one area; as he is a painter, photographer, and blogger; every fiber of himself vested in expressing life/beauty as he sees it. I am honored to have watched his progression over the years and confident that his work will continue to gain a national following.
— Alisha Woodall; Dallas, Texas
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